Research Opportunity: Early development of siblings of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Con­tact Name: Lisa Ibanez

Con­tact Email: libanez1[at]

Depart­ment: Psychology


We are looking for help with a multi-site, longitudinal project involving younger siblings of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The study is designed to examine the early social-emotional development of these siblings from 6-36 months of age. We are using behavioral/interactive assessments as well as eye tracking to measure early joint attention, language development, and positive affect. This project recruits families at the UW site. Opportunities for assisting in data collection and learning coding systems are available.

We are also looking for help managing data collection and preparation for a project in which we offer training in an early screening tool and an early intervention for ASD to community service providers across the state.


We would like interested students to have completed Introduction to Psychology (Psych 101) and Fundamentals of Psychological Research (Psych 209).

We have students commit to 6 hours per week in the lab for a minimum of 2 quarters in order to have a fulfilling and useful lab experience.

We are looking for enthusiastic, responsible, independent and flexible individuals with an interest in gaining an in-depth understanding of research in autism. Experience with families and children with special needs, videotaping, computers and other research is desired, but not required.

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