Research Opportunity: Automatic processes in ethical decision making

Con­tact Name: Sam Yam

Con­tact Email: kcyam[at]

Depart­ment: Management and Organization, Foster Business School


We are looking for motivated undergraduate research assistants to assist our ongoing projects on ethical decision making/business ethics. We are examining the role of moral intuition and moral emotion on ethical decision making and ethical behaviors. Students will receive MGMT 499 credits.

Undergraduate research assistants will work primarily with 1) subject recruitment, 2) data collection, and 3) literature review. Students who are interested in a longer commitment (more than two quarters), and who demonstrate ability and interest, can have the opportunity to be involved in further activities such as developing their own projects and data management/analysis. This is a great opportunity to get research experience in preparation for graduate programs. Interested students should contact Sam ( for additional information.


Minimum number of hours/week: 6 (2 credits)

Although being able to commit six hours per week is the only requirement, there are several other preferred, but not required, skills/experiences: 1) junior standing or above; 2) working knowledge of UW libraries online research database; 3) prior research experience.

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