Space Available: Research Exposed! (GEN ST 391 D)

We still have plenty of space available in our one-credit hour, once-a-week course, Research Exposed! (General Studies 391 D). Students can use SLN: 14779 to register, no add code needed at this time. The speaker list for this quarter can be found at

Research Exposed! (GEN ST 391) offers the undergraduate an opportunity to learn about current, exciting research in a wide variety of disciplines, including the process of discovery, how faculty come up with an idea for research, how inquiry is structured in the different disciplines, and how students can become involved in the knowledge-making process.

Presentations by UW faculty focus on specific issues such as ethics and the culture of research. Students attend weekly, fifty-minute discussions and have the opportunity to ask the speaker questions following each presentation. This course may be repeated for credit (1 credit/quarter-3 quarters max); speakers and topics will vary.

For more information about Research Exposed, see