Research Opportunity: Distributed Trust on Diverse Mobile Devices

Con­tact Name: Brent Lagesse

Con­tact Email: lagesse[at]

Depart­ment: CSS


Effective security mechanisms are essential to the widespread deployment of pervasive systems. Much of the research focus on security in pervasive computing has revolved around distributed trust management. While such mechanisms are effective in specific environments, there is no generic framework for deploying and extending these mechanisms over a variety of pervasive systems. In this project, we are seeking to implement and evaluate the Distributed Trust Toolkit as a framework for managing distributed trust across a wide variety of platforms and networks.  The student will assist in refining the framework, implementing its interfaces on a variety of mobile devices, and implementing and evaluating existing and novel trust mechanisms.


Ability to:

  • Write Python (preferred) and/or Java
  • Write code for mobile devices
  • Read research papers and implement the described protocols

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