Research Opportunity: Synthetic Protein Chemistry

Con­tact Name: Champak Chatterjee

Con­tact Email: chatterjee[at]

Depart­ment: Chemistry


The Chatterjee laboratory in the Department of Chemistry has one opening for an undergraduate student majoring in chemistry or biochemistry in the general area of peptide synthesis. Students are encouraged to apply for CHEM 399 or 499 credit and are expected to have sufficient time to devote toward performing independent research. The project revolves around applying cutting-edge chemical synthesis strategies to synthesize chemically modified polypeptides using solid-phase peptide synthesis. These synthetic peptides will be used to study the function of enzymes involved in regulating human genes.

All interested students must be at the Sophomore or Junior level and would have taken general chemistry courses.


General Chemistry. Introductory Organic Chemistry preferred but not essential. Chemistry or Biochemistry majors only.

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