Research Exposed! (GEN ST 391 D)

We have space avail­able for Winter Quarter in our one-credit hour, once-a-week course, Research Exposed! (Gen­eral Stud­ies 391 D). Class meets every Wednesday 12:30-1:20pm. Stu­dents can use SLN: 14522 to reg­is­ter, no add code needed at this time.

The speaker list for winter will be updated here as presenters are finalized. You can also read the Winter 2014 Syllabus.  Send any questions to

Research Exposed! (GEN ST 391 D) offers an oppor­tu­nity to learn about cur­rent, excit­ing research in a wide vari­ety of dis­ci­plines, includ­ing the process of dis­cov­ery, how fac­ulty come up with an idea for research, how inquiry is struc­tured in the dif­fer­ent dis­ci­plines, and how stu­dents can become involved in the knowledge-making process.

Pre­sen­ta­tions by UW fac­ulty focus on spe­cific issues such as ethics and the cul­ture of research. Stu­dents attend weekly, fifty-minute dis­cus­sions and have the oppor­tu­nity to ask the speaker ques­tions fol­low­ing each pre­sen­ta­tion. This course may be repeated for credit (1 credit/quarter-3 quar­ters max); speak­ers and top­ics will vary.

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