Research Opportunity: Social Identity Lab: Research on Prejudice, Stigma, and the Self

Con­tact Name: Gary Xia

Con­tact Email: garyxia7[at]

Depart­ment: Psychology


Students will participate in several research projects examining issues related to self, social identity, diversity, prejudice, and current political issues. Duties will involve running subjects, coding data, recruiting subjects, reviewing literature, and data entry. Students will also attend a weekly laboratory meeting where they will connect with the supervisors regarding the current activities and projects and provide feedback on improving the studies. Working in this laboratory is great experience for students interested in graduate school in social psychology and other research-based careers.


Preferred candidates will have an interest in social psychology, able to work alone and in groups, a strong work ethic, a desire to learn about the research process, and completed or currently enrolled in Psych 209. Must be able to attend a weekly lab meeting that lasts for about an hour.

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