Research Opportunity: Studies of variation in blood groups and coagulaion

Con­tact Name: Jill Johnsen

Con­tact Email: jjohnsen[at]

Depart­ment: Med­i­c­i­ne


The Johnsen laboratory studies the role of variation of clotting factors, blood groups, and blood cell traits in disease, and the biological impact of differences between these factors in terms of bleeding diseases, blood clotting, pregnancy complications, and susceptibility to infection.

The work in Dr. Johnsen’s lab has significance in blood clotting disorders that are inherited, such as von Willebrand disease and familial platelet disorders, and acquired blood-related diseases, including pregnancy-related vascular complications.

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A strong interest in exploring a career in research in the biological/biomedical sciences, completion of 2 years of undergraduate coursework in a relevant major and at least one laboratory course in the life sciences or chemistry.

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