Research Opportunity: Effect of Antiplatelet Therapy on Emergency Neurosurgery Outcomes

Con­tact Name: Alex Lee

Con­tact Email: leeat[at]

Depart­ment: UW Medicine, Anesthesiology


We are a team of UW anesthesiologists performing a retrospective medical chart review to study whether aspirin taken preoperatively as a chronic medication causes any adverse impact in terms of outcome after emergency neurosurgical procedures. We are looking for a student who is willing to review electronic medical records and enter data on blood loss, medical history and outcomes during hospitalization into a spreadsheet. The project also comes with the opportunity to help write and become one of the secondary authors of a research paper for eventual publication.


Interest in medicine is a must, and prior experience with volunteering/working in a hospital would be helpful. Mostly, we need someone conscientious and diligent who can do a careful job with chart review.

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