Research Opportunity: Educational Outreach Real-time Strategy Immune Response Game

Con­tact Name: Samuel Danziger

Con­tact Email: sam.danziger[at]

Depart­ment: Seattle Biomed


Immunology is complicated and stuff has strange names, and this makes it very hard for students of all ages to learn immunology.  However, many video games and fantasy worlds are similarly complex and strange, but many school children can tell you about them in painstaking detail.  Fortunately, the immune system is a perfect fit for a real time strategy (RTS) game with macrophages killing invaders and dendritic cells gathering resources to build yet more powerful invader-killing cells. We’ve spec’ed out level progression and basic game mechanics, and are hoping to get an alpha version of the game together so we can shop around for financial backing (currently unfunded, enthusiast beware.).


Basic programming skills.
Proficiency or willingness to learn Unity or similar game development platform.

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