Research Opportunity: Nanofabrication and Process Development

Con­tact Name: Dr. Michael Khbeis

Con­tact Email: khbeis[at]

Depart­ment: Washington Nanofabrication Facility


The Washington Nanofabrication Facility (WNF) is the premier cleanroom for conducting research and development in nanofabrication and sensor domains (MEMS, biosensors, electronic/photonic devices) in the Pacific Northwest.  Over 40 companies conduct R&D activities in the WNF along with over 80 principle investigators from UW and other research institutions.  Currently, the WNF is offering Internal Research and Development (IR&D) projects for defining new processes and assisting in the fabrication of leading-edge devices as part of the foundry model.

Students can leverage this experience to gain access to direct hiring by WNF client companies or establish a critical skill set to get a competitive advantage for graduate school applications. Project complexity and depth will vary depending on student availability and can range from refining a single process, exploring new materials properties, aiding staff in fabricating a device, to establishing completely new manufacturing/processing technologies and fabrication flows.

Given the in-depth training and time needed to become proficient in fabrication technology, preference will be given to students willing to make extended commitments (> 6 months) and with a minimum of 5-10 hours/week of regular availability.



All requisite training will be provided. Candidates should demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking, consistency in establishing/following protocols/procedures, detailed technical documentation and reporting. WNF users and applications span all domains of engineering as well as physical and life sciences.

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