Research Opportunity: Protein Therapy for Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle Disease

Con­tact Name: Wei-Ming Chien

Con­tact Email: chienw[at]

Depart­ment: Cardiology


Our research goal is to develop novel protein-based therapies for cardiac and skeletal muscle disorders, to be tested in cell culture and live mouse models.  Students will work with a graduate student and post-doc in the lab to assist with experimental material preparation, particularly protein induction and purification.  Applicants should provide the following information in no more than a few sentences per question.

1) Contact information (name, email or phone):
2) Current Program of Study and Year:
3) Why are you interested in this position?
4) Past lab experience if any, describe briefly:
5) What do you hope to gain from working in the Chin Lab?
6) What are your hobbies?
7) Where do you hope to be in:
a. 5 years from now?
b. 10 years from now?
8) What are your strengths and weaknesses?
9) What is your availability in terms of time per week and duration of commitment?


The student should commit for at least one year.  Hours spent in lab can be registered for undergraduate research credit.  Previous coursework in Chemistry or Biochemistry or lab experience are preferred but not required.

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