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We are excited to start our first cross-campus collaboration, which would bring together voices from colleges across the country to address a single topic. For our first project, “How can we fix blindness?”, we hope to present perspectives on neurogenesis, stem cell research, optogenetics, and prosthetics. If you have experience on a related topic, or could submit a summary of your own relevant research, we would love to publish you!

Please take a look at our proposed submission formats:

  • First-person reflections about your research findings and their implications (600-800 words)
  • Profile of a faculty member, post-doc or fellow undergraduate researching this area (Q&A or 600-800 word feature)
  • An opinion about the ethics, challenges, or prospects for research in blindness (700+ words)
Additionally, if you know of a student or faculty member who could give an interview on their research on this area, we would appreciate it if you could put us in touch.
To submit your work, or to submit the names and contact information for potential interview subjects, please email If you have any questions, email Ola and Michelle, at and

Our editors will evaluate submissions and suggest revisions for accepted articles, which will then be published online and/or print. Please submit titles and captions for accompanying images. We look forward to your submissions! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best regards,

Ola Topczewska, Features Editor
Michelle Guo, Primary Research Editor