Research Opportunity: Foster Business School Laboratory

Con­tact Name: Dr. Chris Barnes

Con­tact Email: chris24b[at]

Depart­ment: Management & Organization


Two professors and a doctoral student in organizational behavior are conducting a laboratory study that examines how people’s moods influence whether and how they voice their opinions. Subjects will participate in a virtual teams exercise within the laboratory. Research assistants will have the opportunity to participate in academic research in the business field and a psychological study in a laboratory.

Technology will play a role in this experiment. Research Assistants will also have access to a professor and a doctoral student if they have other particular interests.

Responsibilities are to facilitate the laboratory study for approximately 2-4 hours per week from now until March 7th.  The hours will occur during the school day and we can negotiate the time of day that works for you. Approximately 2 hours of training is needed before beginning.

There is no compensation for this position but you will obtain academic research experience and can earn class credit if you’re interested.



Dependable and conscientious.  We’re seeking research assistants who will attend the sessions they commit to and to follow the protocol for the experiment closely.

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