Research Opportunity: Androgen mediated neuroprotection in song birds

Con­tact Name: Ralf Luche

Con­tact Email: rluche[at]

Depart­ment: Psychology


The neuronal circuit that regulates birdsong during mating season also involves seasonal changes in the birdbrain that are dependent on testosterone and convey both neuroprotection and neurogenesis. Thus, the bird brain offers a unique model system to investigate these androgen dependent pathways with the ultimate goal to improve therapeutic intervention following traumatic brain injury.

Specifically, this project would involve cellular and molecular techniques for the detailed analysis and select disregulation of signaling components within these pathways. Interested students would be provided with relevant training in molecular and cellular biology techniques and depending on their level of commitment, may also be given the opportunity to develop their own project.


Dedicated undergraduate students at a sophomore or junior level with relevant coursework and the ability to devote 10 or more hours per week for at least one year to this project.  Previous experience working in a laboratory setting highly desirable.

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