Research Opportunity: Sleep and mindfulness – data transcription

Con­tact Name: Christopher Barnes

Con­tact Email: chris24b[at]

Depart­ment: Management and Organization (Fos­ter School of Business)


I have collected data on a project examining the effects of a mindfulness intervention on sleep and work outcomes the next day. This is new research that links an old idea (mindfulness) to new science on applied psychology and management. I need a volunteer to help transcribe the survey data from a set of paper surveys into electronic format. This will allow me to conduct the data analysis that will allow me to test the predicted model on how mindfulness influences sleep and work outcomes.

The data entry process will be admittedly a bit boring. But after that, I am happy to keep the volunteer in the loop on the data analysis process and subsequent writing of the paper. I would not expect the volunteer to participate in the analysis/writing stages, but by sharing information about these processes with the volunteer it is my hope that the volunteer would learn about the process of conducting scientific research in psychology and management.


Conscientious, careful, vigilant effort in transcribing the data.

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