New in-house anthropology journal for UW students!

A group of anthropology students recently started a new in-house anthropology journal, Heterotopia, the inaugural issue of which will be forthcoming very soon.

Moving forward, the journal seeks contributions of student work and student involvement as peer reviewers and members of the editorial board. (Both grad and undergraduate students)

The mission of Heterotopia is to provide a platform for anthropology students at the University of Washington, and others who have a passion for anthropology, to share their works, ideas, and theoretical perspectives as they critically, reflexively, and analytically engage with the world as seen through an anthropological lens. Anthropology is considered to be an umbrella discipline not only because of the diversity of the four sub-fields – biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology – of which the discipline is comprised but also because anthropology, in its commitment to the study of all that makes human, and all that has made us human, courageously undertakes the work of understanding life for the sake of life. In contested spaces, in spaces of difference and spaces of contradiction, in spaces of solidarity, of evolution, and of revolution, there is a place called anthropology. In bringing to the university community the voices of anthropology, Heterotopia aims to explore all of these spaces and, in doing so, to be a venue showcasing not simply what it means to be an anthropologist, but what it means to do anthropology.

For more information and to find out how to get involved, visit the journal’s website: