A New Course in Digital Humanities for Undergraduates!

The Newbook Digital Texts in the Humanities research team has been funded to teach an experimental course on Digital Humanities for undergraduates at every level.  Based on the learning gained from training many very successful undergraduate interns, the course—entitled An Introduction to Digital Humanities (NEAR E 296/596 B)—will explore current Digital Humanities methods, tools, topics and debates.  Students will have a unique and exciting opportunity for the hands-on application of digital tools to our unpublished primary source material from the Near and Middle East (no area or language expertise required!) in a collaborative setting in one of the UW’s most advanced and amazing classrooms  (OUGL 141-check it out!).

  • Humanities and social sciences students will become familiar with tools and technologies that will enhance their abilities to succeed both as undergraduate researchers and in their lives after graduation.
  • Students in technology disciplines will be able to explore the application of a wide range of programming skills to humanistic endeavors.
  • One student with an outstanding class project will be funded to attend a national or international DH conference in the spring of 2016.

Registration information can be found here:  http://www.washington.edu/students/timeschd/AUT2015/neareast.html/
[The Autumn class will be limited to 35 students, so try to register as early as you can.]

The instructor, Digital Humanities expert and Egyptologist, Dr. Sarah Ketchley can be contacted for more information at ketchley@uw.edu.

Contact Prof. Walter G. Andrews at walter@uw.edu  for Digital Humanities internship opportunities available with Newbook Digital Texts ( http://depts.washington.edu/ndth/ ).


DH Course