Winter Quarter Class: Reflections on Undergraduate Research (INTSCI 492)

INTSCI 492: Reflections on Undergraduate Research (2 Credits, NW)

Are you participating in undergraduate research in the biological, environmental, or physical sciences? Would you like to:

  • Demystify research culture and develop research skills?
  • Discuss research papers with a diverse community of undergraduate researchers?
  • Develop a research proposal and increase your competitiveness for research scholarships and graduate & professional programs?
  • Present your research in oral and written formats & improve your science communication skills?

INTSCI 492: Reflections on Undergraduate Research (2 credits, NW) is a discussion-based course that is designed to accompany undergraduate research experiences. Students engage in a reflective learning community with fellow undergraduate researchers to (1) learn about research culture, including mentoring relationships, (2) identify, analyze, and discuss research papers that are relevant to projects, (3) draft, comment on, and revise research proposals, and (4) present research in oral formats.

“Taking the class helped me to become a better scientist through analyzing my work more in depth, focusing on the correct questions to ask, and learning what should be said and what should be excluded in a scientific statement.”

 “Through interactions with my peers, instructor, and reading materials, I gained significant insight toward understanding myself as a science communicator and the professional nuances I will face during my future in research. … I also made great progress with addressing my use of logic and organization when talking and writing about my research.”

 “The most important contributor to my learning was that we were a diverse group of undergraduate researchers. We were at different stages in our research and worked in different subfields, and, because of that, we had unique perspectives on research.”

 — Past Students

INTSCI 492 will meet on Mondays, 3:30-4:50 p.m., during Winter Quarter. INTSCI 492 has no prerequisites, but students must participate in undergraduate research concurrently. For more information or to request an add code, please email the instructor at:

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