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Journal of Young Investigators is Hiring

Winter Hiring is Open

Journal of Young Investigators (JYI) is seeking motivated students to join our staff!

As an academic semester comes to a close, JYI takes this opportunity to search for new, enthusiastic staff members to join our growing scientific journal. Previously funded by the National Science Foundation, JYI is an independent, peer-reviewed, online science journal that is managed entirely by and for undergraduate students from across the world. We are looking forward to the new submissions that have been written and polished during fall semester, but we need more staff members to help! This is where you come in:

JYI is seeking motivated undergraduate students to fill several different roles within our organization. We are a volunteer-run, non-profit, open access science journal dedicated to expanding publication access and experience to undergraduate students. Our staff is made up entirely of undergraduate students, with assistance of faculty and professional mentors. All of our staff receive training in the department of their position, which may include corporate management, science writing, journalism, editing, finance management, and programming.

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Associate Editor- Biology and Medical Sciences
  • Associate Editor- Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  • Associate Editor- Psychology and Social Sciences
  • Journalist
  • Science and Career Center Editor
  • Programmer/Webmaster

For more information and application, please visit

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Deborah Park, Chief Communications Officer
Journal of Young Investigators

New in-house anthropology journal for UW students!

A group of anthropology students recently started a new in-house anthropology journal, Heterotopia, the inaugural issue of which will be forthcoming very soon.

Moving forward, the journal seeks contributions of student work and student involvement as peer reviewers and members of the editorial board. (Both grad and undergraduate students)

The mission of Heterotopia is to provide a platform for anthropology students at the University of Washington, and others who have a passion for anthropology, to share their works, ideas, and theoretical perspectives as they critically, reflexively, and analytically engage with the world as seen through an anthropological lens. Anthropology is considered to be an umbrella discipline not only because of the diversity of the four sub-fields – biological anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology – of which the discipline is comprised but also because anthropology, in its commitment to the study of all that makes human, and all that has made us human, courageously undertakes the work of understanding life for the sake of life. In contested spaces, in spaces of difference and spaces of contradiction, in spaces of solidarity, of evolution, and of revolution, there is a place called anthropology. In bringing to the university community the voices of anthropology, Heterotopia aims to explore all of these spaces and, in doing so, to be a venue showcasing not simply what it means to be an anthropologist, but what it means to do anthropology.

For more information and to find out how to get involved, visit the journal’s website:

Call for Submissions: UT Journal of Undergraduate Research

Call For Submissions

Pursuit: The Journal of Undergraduate Research at the University of Tennessee

Pursuit is dedicated to publishing the scholarly work of undergraduates and is supported by the University of Tennessee Office of Research and Engagement and the Chancellor’s Honors Program. The editors and review board are undergraduate students who review submissions and work with select faculty and staff to publish.

Pursuit is currently accepting submissions for the Spring 2015 edition (Volume 6, Issue 1). Submissions must have been written during the author’s undergraduate studies, though authors may submit work to Pursuit up to one year after.

The priority deadline for submissions is October 23, 2014. The final deadline for submissions is January 6, 2015.

Humanities and Social Science papers may be up to 30 pages maximum; Science and Engineering papers may be up to15 pages maximum. Endnotes must be used instead of footnotes. Please include a short biography of yourself.

Submit your research papers or theses as a .doc or .docx file to the Pursuit website at Trace:

Please email the editor in chief, Julia Ross, with any questions.

Bricolage Issue 32 Release Party

From our friends at the Bricolage Literary & Visual Arts Journal. Help them celebrate the release of the latest edition. And in case you aren’t familiar, Bricolage is a fully student-led undergraduate journal in the literary and visual arts here at UW.

Please join us for our official release of Issue 32 on May 29th at 7pm at the University Book Store. The journal this year is filled with amazing poetry, prose, and visual art from extremely talented UW students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Some of the contributors to the journal will present their work, and we will be selling copies at the event for $10, so bring cash or checks made out to “Bricolage: UW English Department”. Friends and family are welcome to come!

Facebook Event:

More information about the presenter line up can be found on our website:

Not sure what Bricolage is? Check out our website to learn more about this awesome publication.

You can also read about the work the staff of Issue 32 has put in the past year in this article published by The Daily at UW!

Design Help Desk @ The Research Commons


Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30pm
Spring 2014: April 09-June 03
No appointment necessary, drop-in only

UW Allen Library Research Commons
Green Room C

Design Consultants for Spring 2014:
Abigail Steinem
M.Design Candidate, UW Design Division

Taylor Nelson
B.Design Candidate, UW Design Division

The Design Help Desk offers free advice for members of the University of Washington community who are seeking to improve their visuals for presentation and publication.

Clients can bring any visual work related to their research or teaching—including figures, diagrams, data plots, presentations and posters—and receive help from a designer on staff. Design consultants are Design Division graduate students.

The Design Help Desk started as a collaboration between Prof. Karen Cheng (Visual Communication Design) and Asst. Prof. Marco Rolandi (Materials Science and Engineering) funded by the National Science Foundation. The Design Help Desk is now supported by the UW College of Engineering and the UW Design Division.

Read about the Design Help Desk in UW Today! Also, see our paper, “A Brief Guide to Designing Effective Figures for the Scientific Paper.”

Publishing Opportunity: Reinvention Undergraduate Journal

Are you an undergraduate researcher looking to share your research? An international journal of undergraduate research, Reinvention, is accepting submissions.

Reinvention is a leading undergraduate research journal, publishing academic research papers in any discipline, written by undergraduates from any university worldwide. Supported jointly by Monash University in Australia and the University of Warwick in the UK, and edited by a team of undergraduate students from both institutions, Reinvention adheres to a rigorous peer-review process, under which all papers are reviewed by leading experts in the relevant field.

Reinvention provides an exciting opportunity for budding undergraduate authors to publish their work, and it is a great way for them to improve their research, analytical and written communication skills, which are useful in many jobs, not just for those who are interested in further study or academia. The Reinvention editorial team endeavours to provide a supportive environment for undergraduate authors, many of whom have no experience of writing for publication prior to submitting their papers. Even when papers are not accepted on their first submission, authors are provided with detailed feedback to help them bring their work up to the demanding standards required in academic publishing, and many papers are successfully published after they have been revised.

Visit their website for more information:


Bricolage: Call for Submissions

Bricolage, the Literary and Visual Arts Journal at the UW, needs submissions for their 32nd issue! The journal accepts poetry, prose, and visual art from UW students, staff, faculty and alumni. All guidelines can be found at their website:

Submissions are due by midnight on February 21, 2014.
If you have any questions, please email bricouw[at]

Got Research? Get Published!

Submit your writing to Brevia, a Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association magazine.

We feature faculty interviews, student op-eds, and state-of-the-research updates from across the disciplines. Check us out online.

We are excited to start our first cross-campus collaboration, which would bring together voices from colleges across the country to address a single topic. For our first project, “How can we fix blindness?”, we hope to present perspectives on neurogenesis, stem cell research, optogenetics, and prosthetics. If you have experience on a related topic, or could submit a summary of your own relevant research, we would love to publish you!

Please take a look at our proposed submission formats:

  • First-person reflections about your research findings and their implications (600-800 words)
  • Profile of a faculty member, post-doc or fellow undergraduate researching this area (Q&A or 600-800 word feature)
  • An opinion about the ethics, challenges, or prospects for research in blindness (700+ words)
Additionally, if you know of a student or faculty member who could give an interview on their research on this area, we would appreciate it if you could put us in touch.
To submit your work, or to submit the names and contact information for potential interview subjects, please email If you have any questions, email Ola and Michelle, at and

Our editors will evaluate submissions and suggest revisions for accepted articles, which will then be published online and/or print. Please submit titles and captions for accompanying images. We look forward to your submissions! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best regards,

Ola Topczewska, Features Editor
Michelle Guo, Primary Research Editor