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Researcher Spotlight: Melissa Krook

Melissa Krook is a recent UW alumna from the Psychology department. During her time here, Melissa was one of our Undergraduate Research Leaders and a Scan Design Innovations in Pain summer program researcher! Her story has recently been highlighted by UW Undergraduate Academic Affairs and the Council on Undergraduate Research.

Melissa has done some great work, and her journey is unique and inspiring! To read about it, click here.

UW Daily Article on Undergraduate STEM Research

The UW Daily wrote an article about undergraduate STEM research. The piece shares students’ concerns about getting involved in research and shows how these concerns are commonly shared and shouldn’t discourage students from pursuing research. The article features multiple stories of our very own Undergraduate Research Leaders!

To read the full article, click here

Engineering Project in Puerto Rico

Need some mid-week inspiration?

Here is a spotlight on an Engineering project which has helped restore electricity to Puerto Rican homes with medical needs. The project is partly founded by UW’s Clean Energy Institute, sponsor for the Clean Energy Bridge to Research Summer Program. The project is also one that Hugo Pontes, undergraduate researcher, participated in. It goes to show the meaningful opportunities that undergraduates can get involved with!

To read the article click here

URP Congratulates MacArthur Awardee Professor Kristina Olson

Three weeks ago Kristina Olson, an Associate Professor of Psychology here are the University of Washington, was named one of this year’s MacArthur Fellows.

The MacArthur Fellowship honors Olson’s research at the Social Cognitive Development Lab, which she established and runs at the UW, as well as the TransYouth Project, which she created and is now the nation’s largest longitudinal study of transgender children. The award comes with a $625,00 stipend that can help Olson support further research.

Congratulations, Professor Olson!

To read the full article click here

Honoring Implicit Bias Research

In case you missed it in the midst of starting school:

Last month Professor Greenwald from Psychology was honored for his research on Implicit Bias through the Golden Goose Award! The Award recognizes the Implicit Association Test Greenwald and his colleagues developed over two decades ago, as well as the impact their research has had throughout those years.  Read the full article here.

Congratulations to Janice DeCosmo, President of the Council on Undergraduate Research!

The Undergraduate Research Program is thrilled to announce that Janice DeCosmo, associate vice provost for undergraduate research at UW, has been elected as the president of the Council on Undergraduate Research! The council represents over seven hundred institutions and nearly thirteen thousand individuals nationwide. Congratulations, Janice!

Professor Paul Yager named National Academy of Inventors Fellow

UW Bioengineering’s Professor Paul Yager has been elected as a 2017 National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellow. Professor Yager develops two-dimensional paper networks (2DPNs) for diagnosing disease, with the long-term goal of increasing access to healthcare in developed and developing countries. His projects involve collaborations with non-governmental organizations, federal agencies and industry. Professor Yager has also been a stellar mentor for dozens of undergraduate researchers in his career, and recently gave a lecture for our Research Exposed! class about his work. You can learn more about Professor Yager’s research on his faculty page here.