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New Paid Undergraduate Research Internships with Northwest Fisheries Science Center: Apply by July 1st!

The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) is offering up to 2 new paid Internship Opportunities for undergraduates to research with NOAA scientists at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) starting THIS summer. Please pass along these intern­ship oppor­tu­ni­ties to under­grad­u­ates in the sci­ences who might be inter­ested in Fish­eries and Marine Biology-related lab and field work research.

Interested applicants can find out more about these internship opportunities and the requirements to apply on our website.

Application deadline is *Tuesday, July 1st.*

Friday Harbor Labs & Marine Biology @ UW Info Session

Attend a Marine Biology at UW and Friday Harbor Laboratories Information Session next Monday, 10/21/13 at the Seattle Campus from 10:30-11:30 AM in the Fishery Sciences (FSH) bulding, room 203.


This is the best way to learn about the marine science programs at UW and plan for study at Friday Harbor Laboratories. Advisers from Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, Oceanography, Biology, and Marine Biology will be present to answer questions about their majors/minors. Billie Swalla, interim director at Friday Harbor Laboratories will also share information about current programs and research opportunities as well as answer questions regarding the logistics of planning a quarter of study at the labs.

Bagels will be served!

Following the program, at 11:30, representatives from the Coastal Observation And Seabird Survey Team (COASST) will provide information about their citizen science programs and internship opportunities for undergrads.

Questions? Please email: marbiol@uw.edu

Research Opportunity: Automatic detection and classification of marine mammals

Contact Name: Nicole Nichols

Con­tact Email: nmn3[at]u.washington.edu

Depart­ment: Electrical Engineering


Detection of marine mammals is important for avoiding sonar operations when they are present and for tracking populations. The problem is challenging because of the highly variable noise conditions in the oceans. We have developed some prototype algorithms in Matlab and are looking for someone to work on porting these algorithms to C/C++ and factoring the implementation to leverage parallel processing and allow experimentation with large amounts of data. Once the software is in place, the goal is to explore semi-supervised learning algorithms.


Computer programming skills and experience, including: experience with unix, programming languages such as C, C++ or Java and scripting languages such as Perl or Python. Students should have completed and done well in both CS142 and 143 (at least). Knowledge of probability is very useful for anticipated work on machine learning. Experience with Matlab is desirable.

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Paid Research Opportunities with the Northwest Fisheries Science Center

The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) is offering 2 new Paid Internship Opportunities for undergraduates to research with NOAA scientists at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) starting autumn quarter. Please pass along these internship opportunities to undergraduates in the sciences who might be interested in Fisheries and Marine Biology-related lab and field work research.

Interested applicants can find out more about these 2 different internship opportunities and the requirements to apply for each on our website here and here.

Application deadline for both is *Monday, September 30th.*

New Fall Research Opportunities

Every fall we get many new research opportunity postings all the time. Below are the postings from the last week or so. Follow the links for more details. As always, you can browse all postings here.

  • James Lawson, Nonviolent Revolutionary
  • Sharecroppers’ Troubadour: John Handcox, the Southern Tenant Farmers Union and the African American song tradition
  • A Novel Process for Water Purification
  • Development of point-of-care diagnostic devices for the developed and developing worlds
  • Effect of requirement for prior insurance clearance on accrual of patients onto clinical trials for acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
  • Closed Ecological Systems–Aquatic
  • Diversity and Teamwork Study
  • Stem cells as drug discovery agents
  • Transplant Surgery
  • Regulation of Macrophage Activation
  • Web-based Adolescent Health Screening and Risk Prevention
  • Medical Tricorder Project
  • Echocardiographic assessment of the structure and function of the normal and abnormal heart
  • Foster Business School Laboratory – 2 Research Assistants Needed
  • Manipulations of host cells by Chlamydia trachomatis
  • Local anesthesia in dentistry; techniques
  • Ultrasound imaging in dentistry
  • Human Immunology of Tuberculosis
  • Marketing/Social Media Research for Computer Experts
  • Sequencing Treatments for Mothers with ADHD and Their At-Risk Children
  • Myogenic stem cells: basic biology and applicability to muscle wasting disorders (muscular dystrophy) and age-associated muscle deterioration (sarcopenia)
  • Maternity, neonatal, Women’s health
  • Human Prostate Cancer Progression, Fred Hutch
  • Zebrafish models of heart and muscle disease
  • Oceanography research cruise
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant in Traumatic Brain Injury Lab
  • Learning in Biology
  • Platelet hyper-reactivity Cross talks between inflammation and hemostatic signals
  • Oral health and disease
  • Molecular Signaling Mechanisms of Heart Disease
  • Controlled fusion research in the HIT program
  • Blood-brain barrier in disease
  • Mouse genetics, cognition and Parkinson’s disease
  • Social Development in Childhood