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A New Course in Digital Humanities for Undergraduates!

The Newbook Digital Texts in the Humanities research team has been funded to teach an experimental course on Digital Humanities for undergraduates at every level.  Based on the learning gained from training many very successful undergraduate interns, the course—entitled An Introduction to Digital Humanities (NEAR E 296/596 B)—will explore current Digital Humanities methods, tools, topics and debates.  Students will have a unique and exciting opportunity for the hands-on application of digital tools to our unpublished primary source material from the Near and Middle East (no area or language expertise required!) in a collaborative setting in one of the UW’s most advanced and amazing classrooms  (OUGL 141-check it out!).

  • Humanities and social sciences students will become familiar with tools and technologies that will enhance their abilities to succeed both as undergraduate researchers and in their lives after graduation.
  • Students in technology disciplines will be able to explore the application of a wide range of programming skills to humanistic endeavors.
  • One student with an outstanding class project will be funded to attend a national or international DH conference in the spring of 2016.

Registration information can be found here:  http://www.washington.edu/students/timeschd/AUT2015/neareast.html/
[The Autumn class will be limited to 35 students, so try to register as early as you can.]

The instructor, Digital Humanities expert and Egyptologist, Dr. Sarah Ketchley can be contacted for more information at ketchley@uw.edu.

Contact Prof. Walter G. Andrews at walter@uw.edu  for Digital Humanities internship opportunities available with Newbook Digital Texts ( http://depts.washington.edu/ndth/ ).


DH Course

Women Who Rock / UW Digital Libraries Initiative Internship


Submission/Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, October 2, 2013 – 5:00pm

Not-For-Credit Internship Opportunity: one student is needed to help describe and archive born digital materials from the Women Who Rock Research Project [WWRRP]. Women Who Rock Research Project supports, develops, and circulates cultural production, conversations and scholarship by cultural producers and faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates across disciplines, both within and outside the University, who examine the politics of gender, race, class, and sexuality generated by popular music. The goal is to generate dialogue and provide a focal point from which to build and strengthen relationships between local musicians and their communities, and educational institutions. Find out more about the project.

As part of the WWRRP, this student will be working with staff of the University of Washington Libraries Digital Initiatives and members of the Women Who Rock project team. The student will harvest and augment metadata for images and project ephemera and prepare the files and metadata for upload into CONTENTdm, a media management software program used by the UW and other libraries worldwide.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience using data dictionaries, controlled vocabulary, metadata and CONTENTdm. Work created as part of this project will be accessible via a freely available online archive and can thus be used as a tangible example for a portfolio.

Learn more about the Women Who Rock project here: http://womenwhorockcommunity.org/

If you are interested in working on this project, please email Ann Lally at alally@uw.edu

Research Opportunity: Newbook Technology and Development Group Internships

Con­tact Name: Walter G. Andrews

Con­tact Email: walter[at]uw.edu

Depart­ment: Near Eastern Languages and Civilization


The Newbook Technology and Development Group internships in digital humanities will provide practical experience in text processing technologies and digital representations of humanities texts.  We have work for students starting at any level of experience from interested neophyte to expert programmer.  We will be using the GNU/Linux platform to create and run scripts written in python/perl, XSLT, javascript, LaTeX, sed, awk, bash and other languages in constructing a pipeline from TEI-XML to PDF/HTML as well as setting up and integrating an automatic xml-tagging program into our website.


Experience with or willingness to learn about open-source technologies for text processing from scripting to markup languages and text analysis tools; commitment to six hours per week and a weekly meeting in which we set goals and present the results of our work.

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