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Research Opportunity: 35th Year Alumni Study

Con­tact Name: Nancy B. Hertzog

Con­tact Email: nhertzog[at]uw.edu

Depart­ment: Educational Psychology


This is the third longitudinal follow-up study of the Early Entrance Program, and the first one to examine the impact of the UW Academy for Young Scholars Program at the University of Washington. Data gathered from an electronic questionnaire related to graduates’ personal, academic, and professional lives since they graduated from the University.  Findings not only inform and improve the early entrance programs for current and future students, but they also contribute to a growing body of literature related to the effects of acceleration.



I am looking for someone interested in gifted education, or accelerated learning.  We are in the process of coding our data and would love for someone who can help with coding, organizing data, and use computer software for coding. (Typing skills would be a plus).  We might also use students to interview participants for the next phase of the study, depending how far we get during this term.

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