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WRF-IPD Innovation Fellows Program

Calling all post-docs! With a very generous $8 M gift from the Washington Research Foundation (WRF), the Institute for Protein Design (IPD) has launched the WRF-IPD Innovation Fellows Program supporting research partnerships between the IPD and other Seattle-area research institutes or UW departments. They are recruiting exceptionally talented researchers who have just finished their PhD to join expert laboratories at local institutions where they will apply protein design methods to current health, energy, and materials related research problems.

Over the next 5-6 years, there will be a steady state of twelve WRF-IPD Fellows who are supported for 3 years with funding for salary, computation, gene synthesis, protein production and other research costs.  Candidate fellows must identify a Seattle-based research laboratory in their area of interest, and are expected to spend most of their time in these laboratories while at the same time becoming expert at protein design methodology at the IPD.  WRF-IPD Fellows will be selected on the basis of their academic achievement and future promise. Prospective fellows may choose from a list of projects proposed by Seattle area faculty, or propose a new project; in the latter case, the fellow must identify one or more suitable host laboratories.

To apply and find out more about this opportunity, visit http://www.ipd.uw.edu/wrf-ipd-innovation-fellows-program/