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Research Opportunity: Scientific Programmer

Con­tact Name: Thomas Sibley

Con­tact Email: trsibley[at]uw.edu

Depart­ment: Microbiology


The Mullins Lab (http://mullinslab.microbiol.washington.edu) seeks a part-time student intern to assist with development of Viroverse, a scientific web application used for HIV research.  The lab uses Viroverse to manage clinical, experimental, and analytical data for a number of ongoing projects.

You’ll be working with the primary software engineer to tackle a range of tasks depending on your interests as well as your areas and levels of experience.  The goals of this internship are 1) to improve the application in identified areas and 2) for you to learn and gain experience from an in-production web service, working with real research data from wet-labs and clinics.  To gather feedback about changes and usage, you’ll interact directly with the scientists using the application day-to-day.

To ensure a useful and productive experience for everyone, nearly all work will need to be done in South Lake Union at the Rosen Building (960 Republican St).

To apply, please email your CV to Thomas Sibley with a brief description of your experience and interests, as well as a code sample (need not be Perl).


Object-oriented, modern Perl should be a language you’ve used before, and at least a few of the following keywords should interest you and describe your experience if you apply for the internship:

* Modern Perl
– Catalyst
– Moose
* Javascript
* SQL / PostgreSQL
* Database quality control / reconciliation
* git
* Devops
* Full stack development
* Root-cause analysis
* Security vulnerability discovery and resolution
* Profiling and performance tuning
* UI / UX design

Familiarity with basic molecular biology concepts (PCR, sequencing, etc) and bioinformatics will be helpful but is not necessary.

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Research Opportunity: Human immune response to viral infections

Con­tact Name: David Koelle

Con­tact Email: viralimm[at]uw.edu

Depart­ment: Medicine


Our lab studies the immune response to several viruses that infect humans including herpes simplex types 1 and 2, the chicken pox virus, and a cancer virus also. We are interested in vaccine development, figuring out why some people get severe disease, and also technology development in decoding the immune response at the cellular and molecular level.  We work primarily with T-cells rather than antibodies. The spectrum of modern molecular and cellular research methods such as cloning, sequencing, gene expression, flow cytometry, etc. are used; our lab is generally at the BSL-2 safety level as human samples and infectious pathogens are in use.  There are about 9 people including one undergrad in the lab now. The PI is a medical doctor.  We are interested in cultivating 1-2 undergrads who might possibly be interested in staying on 1-2 years as research technologists after graduation should everything work out. But someone headed straight to further schooling is fine too. Projects would likely involve molecular cloning as this has schedule-friendly workflows. We are located at South Lake Union, with a free shuttle every 20 min to UW. Grades, math skills, work ethic important.


Senior, Junior or super Sophomore.  Organic lab.  Usual computer skills with programming a plus.  Decent grades. Interest in microbiology and immunology.  Some micro or immunology coursework a plus. Familiarity with bioinformatics or next-generation DNA sequencing would be a real plus; interest in taking coursework relevant to this area during the time period of the undergrad experience would be a good fit.  Students with a real interest in investigative medicine rather than “checking off the research box” for professional school entry are preferred although I certainly realize this is not black and white.

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Research Opportunity: Undergraduate Internship with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Con­tact Name: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Con­tact Email: LukeHanna[at]pnnl.gov

Depart­ment: Coastal Sciences


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is seeking an undergraduate student for up to 20 hours per week onsite at PNNL in Seattle to support research efforts associated with environmental effects of renewable ocean energy development. This task will include but is not limited to developing written materials, updating online forums and utilizing social media, tracking current events, synthesizing research materials, and providing analyses of multiple technical sources to inform a research community and other stakeholders in the development of renewable ocean energy in the U.S. and abroad. The successful applicant does not need to be in a scientific field, but should be fairly comfortable reading, speaking, and writing about basic scientific concepts. A strong interest in renewable energy and the environment is highly encouraged.


This position is located in Seattle, WA (South Lake Union area).
* This internship is a paid position, and will require a commitment of up to 20 hours per week for at least one quarter.

* Required skills/qualifications are as follows:
– Interest in renewable energy;
– Excellent written and oral communications skills;
– Strong organizational skills;
– A GPA of at least 3.0;

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