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Research Opportunity: Project FRESH (Female Relationship Experiences and Sexual Health)

Con­tact Name: Kelly Kajumulo

Con­tact Email: kellyfk[at]uw.edu

Depart­ment: Psychology


Bill George, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Kelly Cue Davis, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

The primary objective of the proposed research is to investigate the independent and interactive effects of alcohol-related factors and absence or presence of victimization history factors in women on heterosexual HIV risk. Research indicates that sexual activity with infected male partners is the primary mode of HIV transmission for women, and that women who have experienced child sexual abuse or later sexual assault exhibit elevated HIV risk indices.

Using a community sample of females who have sex with men, the proposed study involves three phases: an initial baseline survey examining background factors such as the absence or presence of victimization history, a 31-day daily diary period examining the daily frequency of and reasons for or against alcohol consumption and sexual activity, and a laboratory investigation examining the effects of alcohol consumption and responses to a hypothetical sexual interaction with a man (n=600). The findings of this study will further refine theories regarding alcohol’s role in risky sexual behavior due to either an absence or presence of victimization and will provide novel information for HIV prevention and education programs concerning the influence of alcohol intoxication and the victimization of women on heterosexual HIV risk.

Responsibilities will vary depending on the student’s interests, availability, skills, and other logistical requirements of the experiment. The following are areas where student help is needed:

Recruit Participants

• Prepare and post ads/flyers for subject recruitment
• Contact people for subject recruitment
• Schedule subjects
• Prepare subject materials
• Conduct telephone screening of subjects
• Enter screening information into a screening and tracking database
• Prepare and send participant correspondence

Assist with Project Administration

• Coding qualitative data
• Research and manage library materials
• Perform literature searches
• Assist with necessary office tasks including: copying, filing, errands, cleaning, etc.
• Assist with data handling

Conduct Experiments

• Only 499s who have at least one quarter experience working with the project and have displayed exceptional capability will be eligible to conduct experiments.
• This task requires extensive training (including Human Subjects Certification) and a longer term commitment.

All students will be required to complete the CITI online human subjects training certification course prior to having any contact with potential participants. This training will be done as a part of the 499 commitment unless the student has already received certification.

Students will be required to attend a weekly journal club or arrange an independent assignment with senior research staff.

All Tasks will be performed with the help and direction of the Principal Investigator, Graduate Research Assistants and other project staff.


Psychology, Public Health, Sociology, or other social science major. Psychology coursework, including Psych 209 (Research Methods) or comparable. Commitment of at least 2 quarters (2 credits/6 hrs per week)

Because of the sensitive nature of the study, all research assistants who have contact with study participants must be female (same gender as study participants).

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