UW Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society


Read “How members Are Chosen” from the National AOA website to learn more about AOA eligibility, selection, and membership.

There are two opportunities for students to be elected into the UW Chapter of AOA: the Spring Election and the Fall Election.

About the Spring Election:
During the Spring election in April, between approximately 7 and 13 MS3 students are elected. The students are elected by current chapter members including MS4 students, faculty, and residents. For students to be eligible for this election, they must have a Step 1 score above the class average, and be in the top 25% of their class in terms of their grades on required third-year clerkships.

About the Fall Election:
During the Fall election in September, MS4 students are elected. Per national guidelines, up to 16% of the graduating class can be elected to the chapter (which includes those already elected in Spring). The students are elected by the current chapter members: MS4 students, faculty, and residents.

Per national guidelines, for students to be eligible for this election, they must be in the top 25% of their class in terms of their grades on required third-year clerkships – this time indicated by an “Outstanding” summary word on their MSPE letter. For this election, there is no Step 1 score requirement for eligibility.

What is considered for election:
Factors considered in elections are as follows: required clerkship grades, research and publications, UWSOM involvement and leadership, community services. In addition, nomination comments are solicited by the chapter from clerkship faculty directors, College mentors, PhD advisors, and peers, and comments read by the chapter upon voting.

Student names are de-identified by a non-voting member of AOA prior to being seen by the voting body. The voting members cast votes based on how well a student meets the goals of AOA in areas of leadership, service, professionalism, scholarship, and promise of contribution to the medical field.

What actions do students need to take?

What other information will the chapter see?*

In addition to seeing grades, nomination comments, and information from the Service and Activity tracker, there are a few other pieces of information that are attached to your de-identified name:

  • Step score quartile
  • Foundations site
  • Race/ethnicity, as self-identified in admissions application (listed as Caucasian, URiM, non-Caucasian/non-URiM, or multi-racial)

*Elected student names are read aloud to the chapter, but at no point are names linked to the information above.