UW Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society


The U Dub Scrub is a podcast run-by an awesome team of medical students at the University of Washington and sponsored by the University of Washington Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA).


  • #1 – Create a podcast of the students, by the students and above all for the students!
  • Produce episodes featuring leaders from a variety of medical specialties, research and medical education to provide students with vital information and pearls to be successful in their journey towards a career medicine.
  • Construct a space in which essential themes and topics existent in the world of  medical training are discussed.
  • Utilize an audio-based platform to share unique and diverse experiences and insights from UWSOM students, staff and admins.
  • Promote connection and cohesion among all UWSOM students across WWAMI by facilitating greater access to information.


Episode 4: It’s contagious! A discussion with Dr. Paul Pottinger about specializing in infectious disease, learning antibiotics and antimicrobial stewardship and mountaineering

Stream it here: https://theudubscrub.podbean.com/e/itscontagiousa-discussionwithdr-paul-pottinger-aboutspecializing-ininfectious-diseaselearningantibiotics-andantimicrobialstewardship-andmountaineering/


Episode 3: USMLE Step 1: Tips and Tricks 

Stream it here: https://theudubscrub.podbean.com/e/usmle-step-1-tips-and-tricks/


Episode 2: From the Interview Trail – First-hand advice from UWSOM medical students interviewing for residency

Stream it here: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-z4am2-a3a3b9

Show notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GYaAVRqHmNHAKeP59Ox93NIw8ny_D_4AebgI-lrMzfU/edit?usp=sharing


Episode 1: An interview with Dr. Doug Paauw, Director of the Internal Medicine Clerkship

Stream it here: https://theudubscrub.podbean.com/

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