Learn about: Open Media

Open media is open access, public domain, or licensed-for-reuse video, images, sound, or multimedia. Like other open access content, open media is available for all scholars, students, and the public to incorporate into study, teaching, research, scholarship, creative work, projects, and other uses. In an environment of multimodal digital scholarship and open access values, open media is an increasingly important part of the open access landscape.

Many museums, archives, respositories, and other cultural institutions make the materials in their collections available online without restrictions on reuse. Individuals also contribute to the availability of open media by sharing their work online with a Creative Commons license or public domain designation. Consider publishing and sharing your own media productions with a CC or public domain designation so other scholars and the public know how they can use and build on your work.

Our Open Media Resources guide can help you find open media, and connect you to important open media resources such as openGLAM and the Open Culture blog. Let us know if you have questions or need more information!

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