UW Faculty Open Access Policy

Open Access is up for discussion and faculty votes this Spring at UW. At this month’s meeting of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, members voted unanimously to approve the proposed UW Open Access Policy. The Policy will next move to the Faculty Senate for a vote on May 17. In advance of that vote, we’d like to pass along some resources to help answer questions you might have about the proposed Policy, and to provide context about what UW is already doing to support Open Access publication opportunities.


Policy Action Timeline:

  • Spring 2017: Policy was introduced and discussed by the Faculty Senate. Policy was tabled
  • May 7, 2018: Faculty Senate Executive Committee voted unanimously to approve the OA Policy
  • May 17, 2018: Faculty Senate will vote on the OA Policy. If approved, the policy will be sent to the President for approval, then to voting faculty for comments. If the faculty comments on the legislation include “written objections to its substantive nature” in excess of a specific percentage threshold, the legislation will be suspended and sent back to the Faculty Senate. Otherwise it will pass and become policy.
  • The final status of the OA Policy should be determined by June.
  • The precise date the OA Policy would go into effect will be determined after final approval.If you are ready to deposit scholarly work into ResearchWorks, instructions are available on the UWB Digital Scholarship Guide.

If you have any questions about this proposed policy, please contact Sarah Leadley, Campus Library Director, at leadley@uw.edu, or Denise Hattwig, Head of Digital Scholarship and Collections, at dhattwig@uw.edu.