Un petit week-end en Normandie

Notoriously French, and ever so accurate: holidays and vacations in excess (although, I can’t say I’m complaining). Particularly in May, but starting in April, there are a total of 7 national holidays, days on which schools and offices are closed. Over these weekends, it is common for the French to take an extended weekend, or sometimes even an extended week off. For the Parisians, a common weekend destination is to the Normandy region–just a couple hours by train or car from Paris. Normandy, famous for the camembert cheese, is part of the beautiful French countryside, and also has a lovely coastline bordering the English Channel.




One of the many wonders of France is the huge diversity in land/areas/cities/countryside/seaside/mountains, concentrated in a relatively small area. After just 2 hours in a train, I had left the busy subways of Paris to arrive in a small village in Northern Normandy.


First, we stopped at the market to pick out some fresh seafood.

Here are some of the scallops we choose from- and then took home to crack open!

The meal was accompanied by fresh oysters, herring, warm bread, fresh melted butter, tart and salty lemon sauce, and of course– a sweet, crisp, sugary white wine. Mhmm.

Taking in the fresh air, eating the delicious food, and, working on the farm. We played with the goats, built a fence for the horses, and, took in the countryside.

It was a wonderful weekend– an escape from the stresses and realities of everyday life, to step back, reflect, and slow down.

Inside the cottage- Normandy, France




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