Bastille Day, The French (1)4th of July

The 14th of July, is known as Bastille Day, kind of the equivalent of the 4th of July in the U.S. The 14th commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution on July 14th of 1789 when the revolutionary party, reacting against the power of the Monarchy, ┬ástormed the Bastille, a French prison. The beginning of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” While I spent the 4th of July in France eating hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies, the 14th was spent watching an incredible fireworks display at the Eiffel Tower. While my phone could only capture the photos so well, and my height was a bit of a limitation, here is a peak at the spectacular show: (P.S. This year’s fireworks display was a disco theme so the show was accompanied by some of the greatest disco hits- and note, the giant disco ball hanging from the center of the Eiffel Tower!)


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