How to Spend 7 Days in Paris?

View down the Champs-Elysées from the top of the Arc de Triumph

This blog is a bit overdue – My Dad came to visit in June for 7 days. With 7 days, the task ahead of us was what to see in a city that has everything from the world’s most well-known museums, to the world’s best foods, and numerous sights. As my Dad walked through the airport, jet lagged yet smiling, we both knew that being in Paris was no time to sleep. A few espressos later, we were trekking around the bumpy, cobblestone streets.

First stop: L’Arc de Triumph

One of the best views in Paris, a cheap ticket and some stairs later, you can see all sides of the city:









Sacré Coeur / Montmartre 

La Défense (The Business District)









The Eiffel Tower

 Next stop, walk down the Champs-Elysées, visit some stores, buy some postcards, swim through the sea of tourists.

After that, it was time for some more coffee, and a beer. I took my dad to visit my school, and we stopped at a café on Boulevard Saint-Germain along the way…

After reenergizing, we strolled through the Tuileries Gardens and passed by (but not inside) the Louvre. Not long after, it was time for dinner, and then on to the next day…

We visited the Palace of Versailles. A must see for any traveler coming to France. The castle is beautiful, the gardens incredible, and my favorite — Marie Antoinette’s cottage – there are even animals!

The next few days of the trip were spent eating — cheese, crepes, baguettes, and most importantly, pastries.

We also visited the Pompidou museum, a treat for any modern art lover.

One of the very best moments of the trip came on the last day. We decided to go for a walk along the Seine, it was sunny and we had seen most  everything on our tourist check list. Walking along, we came upon a “Grand Market of the South of France” : one euro for entry and a plastic wine cup. After an evening of wine tasting, cheese samples, sauces, and some delicious mussels later, I would say that my Dad’s visit to Paris finished with a surprise bang.

It never seems to be the Eiffel Towers of the world that bring the most joy, but rather those surprises that happen when the mind is set at ease, not focused on checking off sights, but just left to wander…

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