The Golden Triangle!

The past two weeks have been crazy! After one week in Bangkok we traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand which is in the northern part of the country. We were able to be in the city for Songkran which is Thai New Years! Songkran consists of city-wide water fights and many blessings and prayers for the new year. For about four days you cannot walk around the streets without getting soaking wet! We had the awesome opportunity of participating in this festival. The water represents cleansing for the new year.

After four days in Chiang Mai full of water fights, elephant camps, and zip-lining through the jungles, we traveled even further north to Chiang Rai. Here we met with a friend of the group, and she allowed us all to join her family for dinner in her village, and also allowed the women to spend the night at her house. This time spent in the village has been the most incredible part of my time abroad thus far. In the morning we woke up before the sun and participated in the ceremony at the temple. We were all blessed by a monk and given a bracelet from him as well.

After this amazing experience, we were very close to the border of Burma, and had the opportunity to cross. I did so, and spent a couple hours in Burma visiting another temple and participating in another prayer with a Burmese influence.

This trip just keeps getting better! We are currently staying right next to the Golden Triangle which is where Laos, Thailand, and Burma meet.

More stories to come!:)





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