Reflecting on Quito, Ecuador


It has been nearly nine months since I was in Quito, which has given me a good amount of time to reflect on the qualities of the city that I found to be the most influential to me.


One of the first things that I noticed about Quito was just how expansive it was.  It really seemed to never end, no matter how far you travelled through it.  Houses and buildings were spread both through the valleys and high up onto the peaks of the mountains surrounding the city, and in this respect it was unlike any place I have been before.


The second thing that really struck me about Quito was all of the amazing murals and beautiful graffiti around the city.  A lot of the art found along the streets really seemed to contain meaning and reflected the colorful culture.


I also really enjoyed a lot of the older architecture found throughout the city. With mixed historical influences, the old buildings such as churches and the square in front of the president’s house were full of life.


The final thing that really impressed me with Quito was the overall business of the city. People were always hard at work, whether in the fruit market or in the shops and restaurants in the square that we frequented.  However busy they may have been, they still always greeted us with hospitality and friendliness that I will always appreciate and remember.  I also found enjoyment in the way that the city was both familiar to me, with cute little coffee shops and some familiar brands, yet maintaining many qualities distinctly different from what I know.

Oh, and the delicious food and juices.. can’t forget those!

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