8/11/2014, Blog by Jamil Chavez, Business Administration, BUS 480 Global Environment of Business in SE Asia 2014



Jamil 2The reason I chose this option of learning is to become more aware of the impact that global business is creating overseas. Since Asia is a fast growing and developing region, I felt Thailand and Cambodia would help me experience the expansion firsthand.

From this experience of studying abroad I want to stand out from my peers and give myself the option to travel for a potential employer throughout the world, and if possible work in a satellite branch of a company that is conducting business in other countries. I would also like to become more aware of the process of conducting business overseas and what the benefits and downfalls are in a personal setting.

A specific skill that I would like to attain from this trip would be global business relations. I would like to make an impression on those whom I meet and learn the subtleties of how to interact with those of different cultures.

In order to prevent myself from getting home sick I have set up a means of communication through Facebook messenger, and plan to keep an electronic journal that I will send out to my loved ones via email.

I plan to be an honest diplomat of the United States and its citizens by; telling the truth to others, not embellishing how we live, and giving an accurate picture of the differences from state to state.

I have done plenty of traveling throughout my life and the only fear I have is missing a flight. I plan to prepare well in advance in order to be where I need to be in a timely fashion in order to make all my arranged flights.

So far packing has been a breeze. Before our trip, we have scheduled plenty of meetings in order to discuss what we will need, as well as a check list for our group to adhere to.

We leave in a week and our group is very excited and has planned many outings and gatherings in order to maximize the time we spend together. I can’t wait to land in Bangkok and get this tour started.

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