Chasing my Dreams!

 August 10, 2014, Blog by Kelsey Bolinger, Society Ethics and Human Behavior (SEB), The University of Bergen Exchange Program 


So, what does it mean to be starting your twenties in another country? So far, it has meant chasing your dreams and confronting your fears head on. Bergen, Norway will be my new home for the next five months, through thick or thin, were stuck with each other. It is really funny when you travel alone you feel really adventurous and exciting when really it’s those things but mostly scary. I am so grateful to have had a friend meet me here in Norway and I can’t thank her enough for helping jump start my trip! Having a few days to adjust to the time difference, the adventures have officially begun. Where do I even begin?

kelsey 2Bergen is surrounded by seven Fjords. One of which is called Mount Floyen. With the help of some new friends I made at an orientation a few days before we made our way to the top of the mountain that overlooks Bergen. What a beautiful sight! The weather is a lot like Seattle, which helps with the home-sickness. The view is incomparable to the Seattle skyline though. This sight was absolutely breathtaking. I have met people from many different countries like Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France, and the list goes on. It feels really good to be surrounded by people who know so much that I do not. I have the opportunity to learn so many things here! I am beginning to understand what everyone has been telling me about the experiences in another country shape you for your future. There is so much to take in when you study abroad. This week will be filled with “welcome week” activities! It is all about meeting new people, understanding which courses you want to take, and attending orientations. I will write more on how welcome week went! These past three days have mostly been spent wrapping my mind about the experience! Not only these past three days of arriving in Norway, but also the months that brought me to this moment made me realize that the biggest mistake a twenty year old could make is thinking that your life has to be figured out, when really, life is just beginning. Over the next five months I will be taking courses, meeting new people and starting my life with one of the best opportunities known to man.

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