Preparing for Take-off

August 19, 2014, Blog by Stephanie Schoeppel, Society Ethics and Human Behavior (SEB),Psychosocial & Community Health Thailand: Health in a Developing Nation (Exploration Seminar)

Today is the day! I have been waiting months for this day to finally be here and have worked very hard to make it happen. I must admit that my bags have been packed for quite some time and I have recently finished acquiring the last few necessities (i.e. maps, e-books and of course tons of snacks). I will be flying out tonight at 2:10AM and it will take me 12 hours to get to my first stop, Taipei, Taiwan. I’ve been told to spend the 4 hour layover exploring their beautiful and quirky airport so there won’t be a dull moment for me anytime soon. From there it will be another 3.5 hour plane ride to Bangkok, Thailand where I will begin navigating the taxi service in order to arrive at my quint little hotel. At that point I will probably fall over from exhaustion, but it will all be worth it! I am so ready for the adventure to begin and can’t wait to see everything Thailand has to offer!

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