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8/20/2014 Blog by Isara Ebsen, Business, Business Britain-High Tech in the UK

Hi everyone! My name is Isara Ebsen and I will be a senior at UW-Bothell this year. BEYOND excited about my study abroad trip to London which I leave for on Friday! However, before I get into the details of my program and why I chose it, I wanted to tell you a little about myself first. I’m half Thai half American and I’ve spent almost equal amount of time living in both Phuket, Thailand and here in the Seattle area. I work two part-time jobs as a waitress at two local Thai restaurants. My family is everything to me! I have the best parents anyone could ever ask for. They divorced when I was really young but they never missed a beat when it came to providing love and support. My father is my moral rock. Sometimes I think of the person I might have been if I didn’t have him and the answer would be, not good. People say the only unconditional love you will ever get is from your mother and my mother is living proof of this. I have a younger brother who is a year and half younger than me and is also in college. While I settled for a rather mundane business degree, my hot shot brother Harrison thinks he can out shine me by studying petroleum engineering. Sibling rivalry at its finest. I also have a younger sister (Arisa 12) and another younger brother (Connor 8), better kids you won’t find anywhere. My life would not be complete without my three best girlfriends Sarah, Abby, and Stephanie! We recently just had a blast together in Vegas celebrating being young and fun. A great friend trip that I would recommend to anyone! And last but definitely not least I have an amazing boyfriend named Tate. Slow and steady wins the race is how I like to think of our relationship. We met romantically in halls of Cascadia Community College almost two years ago at the beginning of the school year, we went on our first date last July, and have officially been dating since April. He is the most caring most thoughtful boyfriend and I’m one lucky girl to have such a great man in my life.

Okay now about my trip! I leave for London on Friday, and since today is Wednesday you can only imagine the excitement. I have never been to Europe before and can’t wait to see what that side of the world is like. People keep telling me that just because they speak English in England does not mean there isn’t a huge culture difference. My trip is an exploration seminar and is part of the Foster School of Business on the Seattle campus. (For those of you who don’t know, an exploration seminar is a three week program offered during Pre-Fall term. A great choice for those of you who might have schedule conflicts or are worried about being overseas for too long.) The program is called “Business Britain-High Tech in the UK” and focuses on high tech companies and their connection with global business. Being a business student with a strong interest in global business, I definitely felt like this program was a perfect fit for me and I’m extremely lucky to have been chosen to go. Since my program hasn’t begun yet, I can only speak to how you should prepare for any study abroad trip. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN AHEAD! My one and only main piece of advice. Whether you are worried about finances, traveling, or any other concerns you might have, you can find a solution to all of them if given enough time. I know that for me my main concern was finances (it still is!). Hours of planning, probably twenty-something phone calls, numerous Google searches, and the UW-Bothell Study Abroad Scholarship is how I am affording to go to London. The process is time consuming and not always fun, but achievable and super rewarding.

I leave on Friday and have a whole day in London before my program starts! I be sure to blog more about how my trip is going. Hope my adventure inspires you to go on one yourself!!

6 thoughts on “Business Britain-High Tech in the UK

  1. I’m so excited for you and look forward to following your adventures!
    Thank you for sharing some background on who you are and who the important people in your life are. It’s a nice way to include them in your experience 🙂
    And I can’t agree more with your planning advice! Would you be open to sharing it on video, along with some of your academically-connected learning from study abroad? I will send you an email with more details.

  2. I love your blog on! Thanks for bringing me up in your blog I feel so blessed. 🙂 hope you have so so so much fun!

  3. You’ll do well in London. So proud of my amazing daughter! I can’t wait to hear more about the trip. We love you hunny.

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