The Return Home from Japan

It’s been a few days since I gotten back from Japan and I have one thing to point out first. That point is “Jet Lag” is real. I thought jet lag was nothing more then a minor symptom that I could brush off. Going to Japan was easy to deal with jet lag, but after coming home from Japan, it’s been a different story. It’s been a while since I traveled to another country by plane and I don’t recall how I felt before. All I know is that next time I travel, I’ll set a few more extra days to take rest.

Besides the fact of jet lag, being in Japan was a great experience for me.  I learned so much about the culture and history that Japan has to offer. One thing I want to point out is that from my experience being in Japan, I notice that I’ve been an observer and interpreter of the place. I’ve use my experience of being with Japanese people to be my interpretation of the country as a whole and then making an observation from it. I learned that I should be more of an observer then interpreting things. It will help me learn more about a culture and what not.

What also I took back from being in Japan is the many different from being in America. One of the big difference that I saw from being there is the idea of hospitality. In Japanese it is called “Omotenashi” and they really live up to that name. They attend to everything and treat guest like they are the president. It was kind of mind blowing witnessing this for myself when I was there. I mean, for my family we attend to our guest to the best of our abilities, but not in a level of Japanese hospitality. There level of hospitality is at the top compared to America.  At the family house I was staying at, I wanted to use my own towel in the bathroom. However, they told me it’s okay and to use their towel. Of course I can not say no. I’m not sure if that would happen here, but it defiantly shows how attentive everything is in the house I was staying at.

I’m really grateful for my time in Japan. I hope to go back for visit with a bigger intent to explore more and  to visit many other prefecture there. My journey doesn’t end with this, it will continue to grow.


P.S. Here is one of my favorite photos I took while in Japan. It is the Tokyo Sky Tree. It was truly amazing and comparable to the Space Needle in Seattle. Except for the fact that it is 500 meters taller then the Space Needle. I will upload more photos as time progresses.



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