After the return

From living in Kyrgyzstan I’ve learned that it’s a beautiful country, in many ways. The Kyrgyz people are the most hospitable people I ever met; they would strike up conversations with you, even when they don’t know you, and they can get very person very quickly, but that’s because in their culture it shows they care about you, while if that happened in the U.S., most people would get agitated by such questions. The Kyrgyz food is delicious – it includes everything from dumplings to soups to rice and everything in between; and they often use organically grown products rather than processed foods or genetically modified foods. Kyrgyzstan is a developing country and though a lot of the things were wonderful there, I began to appreciate the amenities I had in America.

I would advice other students to study abroad. The money shouldn’t be a problem, because there are a lot of scholarships out there just for college students who want to study abroad. This experience will teach you many things about yourself, it will help you grow and it will teach you some type of cultural awareness/sensitivity which doesn’t hurt since our communities are becoming more global ever day.

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  1. Branching out into new countries is one of the greatest educational experiences you can have. I’m glad to see you took the leap and enjoyed yourself. If not now then when? Books can only teach you so much and very little about actual life.

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