Volunteering at the NGO

Yesterday was my first day at the NGO that I have to volunteer for to teach English. So far I enjoy it more than I thought I would because I have 2 students that I work with. One is 9 and the other is 10 years old and both of them have a strong basic knowledge of English. I’ve been using some French with them when I have to explain, and then try to translate it to English, and I’m still surprised by how much I’ve had to use it, even though my ability is pretty weak. I am supposed to get to the NGO by myself, so of course I had trouble getting there the first time and I was an hour and a half late, but today there wasn’t any problem. I still have to cross a lot of streets, and I don’t think I will ever stop feeling nervous about that. Anyway, after I volunteered and then had my Arabic class, I decided to go with a group member to Marjane, but within our group we call it the Moroccan Walmart. Instead of returning an hour later, we got home 4 hours later because there were no taxis going in our direction. In fact, there were very few cars at all, since it was around ftour. We ended up walking the whole way back, so now we must finally start homework and I’m worried about the quiz I have on Friday because I still don’t have the whole alphabet memorized. Overall, I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with what I have to know for the quiz and by the fact that it feels like there are too many things to do during the program than what I have time for. Every night I have been falling asleep doing homework and I feel tired all the time. I hope to manage my time better.


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