Visiting Casablanca

I had my first quiz on Friday and I did surprisingly better than I thought, but I have to wait to receive the grade on Monday. Today my group and I went to Casablanca to see the Hassan II Mosque, and then we went to the beach. After that, we checked out the Medina (old square) of the city and tried to find a restaurant to go to for ftour/iftar, but most of them were closed. We ended up splitting up to go to KFC and McDonalds near the train station. Even though these are American food chains, I was still curious about the menus. Although I didn’t go into KFC (and never have back home), the menu at McDonalds was nothing different, except that it was halal. I’ve also been dizzy for the past few days and I really hope it’s only dehydration, so I’ve been trying to drink more water. I think a part of it can be that I’m not getting enough rest and enough fresh air. I live in a riad, so my host family lives above another family, but because both families live in a riad, we hear everything from the bottom floor since there isn’t a wall or ceiling that keeps out the noise. On my homestay questionnaire, I said I was not okay with little kids, but the family below has around 5. I wake up every few hours because of all the noise or because it gets really hot in my room since I have to close it to keep out the cigarette smoke from the host father. I intend to ask him on Sunday to not smoke in the house because I’m very sensitive to chemical smells, and I think it’s partly why I get dizzy so much. At least I get my own room.


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  1. Hi Helen! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It’s interesting to read about daily life in Rabat and learn some Arabic words from you. I’m glad that you’re enjoying your NGO placement!
    Do you have earplugs? That might be an easy solution to help you sleep better. 🙂

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