Celebrating Eid al-Fitr

Eid al Fitr lasts 2 days, and today was the first. The family had breakfast and then I was invited to join them to visit other family members, but I declined the offer. Of course I felt honored that she had asked me to join, but I said I couldn’t because I had to work on a paper, so I felt bad about not going and I sensed that my host mother was a bit upset about that. She still prepared lunch for me before they left. I was working on my paper for the whole day, but I didn’t have WIFI because they cut it off when they left, so I wasn’t able to get all my research done, and now I’m behind on it. At around 8pm I decided to take a nap, and I guess I accidentally deleted my essay (I also didn’t save it…oops), so I have to retype everything. At least I have the original version handwritten. Tomorrow I will have to spend the day working on my paper and then studying for my Arabic final exam. The family may have something planned again, so I won’t be able to join if they ask me to come. Anyway, a few of the group members came to my door later and we decided to find a place to eat. We weren’t sure how many places were going to be open at 10pm, but definitely not a lot. However, we found a place called Quality Burger and it was okay. It’s pretty cool how you make your order though. You have to come up to a computer and pick what you want, you get a receipt, and then you take it to the register and they get everything for you. Then as we headed back home by taking 2 different taxis, the streets were virtually empty (at 12am). During Ramadan they would be filled with people, so it felt eerie walking through the quiet and empty medina, which is basically a maze of alleys.


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