Visiting Tangier

So yesterday I came back from Tangier, a city at the northern tip of Morocco. Four of the six of us decided to spend the weekend there. We planned to visit Marrakech, but because not all of us were able to go, we decided to save the trip for this weekend. Our train from Rabat left at 12:30 pm, and we got to Tangier at 6:30pm. The train ride was uncomfortable because there was almost no air conditioning, but for the last hour we moved to another section where it was really breezy. When we finally got there, we went to a café and after that we found our way to the hostel. However, two of us were able to stay there, and the other two had to go to a different hostel. It was my first hostel experience, and it was pretty nice. I liked the four-or-so floors of the riad, and each room didn’t have that many people (my room was for 4 people), and the terrace had a lovely view and much needed breeze. After we settled down in our hostels we met up again to hang out and didn’t get back until after midnight. I took a nap on the terrace for an hour and then I went to my bed. On Sunday, we spent almost 2 hours waiting for our food at a restaurant before leaving and going to the restaurant next door. However, I wasn’t too upset because the view was amazing, as it was overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. After that we walked around and went to the same café as the one on Saturday and got crepes! I FINALLY got a crepe here with Nutella, and the crepe was amazing. I was so happy with the texture of it, because not all crepes are made well, so I was really thrilled about it. Then we continued walking until we got to the train station to head back to Rabat. I was expecting to get hassled by a lot of vendors in Tangier, but that never happened. There were a lot of tourists and many people who spoke Spanish, so it was helpful that one of us could communicate in it, but I didn’t really know what to do there as a tourist. After the long ride back, I don’t want to admit it, but we went to McDonald’s again only because it was very close to us and most other places were already closed. When I got home, I did my homework and went to bed. Today was the first day of the second half of the program, so we have to begin thinking about making our research papers in Arabic. Also, as part of my classwork, I had to interview a few people at a café about newspapers. It was really intimidating because my Arabic pronunciation is horrible, so my teacher had to repeat everything I said to them, but I have to be ready for more activities like this. Thinking back to when I took French (I stopped after taking level 3), I never wrote a research paper, so I’m definitely weary about fulfilling this assignment, but I want to do my best on it.



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