Visiting Marrakech

I spent this weekend in Marrakech with my group. We took a 6 hour-long train ride to Marrakech from Rabat. We got there at night and split into different taxis to get to our hostels. Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, we were ripped off by the drivers because we were clearly tourists. During our trip, I mostly remember how extremely hot it was there, but other than that, it was fun to check out the famous Jemaa el Fna, a public square, even though it seemed much smaller than the pictures I’ve seen of it on the internet. We of course tried the orange juice there, which is a must-do if you’re visiting, and it was fresh and delicious, though not different than any other fresh orange elsewhere in Morocco. That’s something I will miss about Morocco. The orange juice here is naturally sweet and very refreshing, so I order it most of the time when I go to a café or restaurant. It was fun walking around the square and shopping around, but there were a lot more vendors trying to stop us and sell us things. On Sunday before heading back to Rabat, we visited the Jardin Majorelle, one of the top tourist destinations in Morocco. It was very beautiful and I loved the contrast of color there. I have never appreciated vibrant dark blue and vibrant yellow together as much as I did at the garden. As I walked around by myself, I noticed that there were significantly more Russian speakers there and around the square in Marrakech than I’ve noticed in any other city in Morocco, and I was really surprised by that. I also had a brief conversation with a shop owner about how apparently, there’s quite a few Moroccan students who study in Ukraine! However, most of them go to Western Europe if they study abroad. Anyway, after visiting the garden, we went to Café Clock, a popular café in Marrakech where they serve camel burgers. I ordered toasted couscous with roasted chicken and raisins, and it was one of the best meals I’ve had here. After we got back to Rabat, we went to a sushi restaurant for dinner, and it was really good. I also didn’t expect to see as many sushi restaurants that I have seen in Rabat, but we all enjoyed the one we visited tonight.

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