Final Week of the Program

I wanted to make this post last week, so it’s a bit overdue. It was the final week of the program and I was not looking forward to making this post because I would have to yet again recognize that it was really the final week. We gave our last goodbyes to the host families and danced with them during a musical performance. Although my Arabic course was difficult for me because I feel that there wasn’t enough practice with the material, as it felt like new things were piling on top of new things that we had to learn, I really liked my teacher and the fact that there were only 2 students including me, so it made the learning environment much more tailored to our individual needs. Also, throughout last week and a few days during the prior week, each of us worked with a Moroccan student on a paper that had to be all in Arabic. I chose my topic on Moroccan culture where I talked about traditional food, clothing and language of the country. It was great working with the Moroccan students not only because they helped us with the Arabic papers and presentations, but also because they became our friends. Another thing, one of many things that I appreciate about the culture here (of course not exclusive to Morocco) is the hospitality of for the lack of a better word, strangers, or at least I feel like one. I will remember all the families that I have been invited to stay with despite the fact that they didn’t really know me. Anyway, these last 2 weeks of my stay here have been bittersweet because I am definitely leaving a piece of my heart here in Morocco, something that I was not expecting. Over time, some of my experiences here became mundane, especially by being caught up with the academics of it, that I forgot I wasn’t going to stay here for much longer. Now that I have to leave tomorrow, I wish that I had more time to explore the country.

2 thoughts on “Final Week of the Program

  1. You wrote a paper all in Arabic – wow!
    Hopefully you’ll have a chance to return to Morocco again, Insha’Allah (first Arabic word I ever learned)!

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