Blog by Feruza Ghias, Community Psychology, and Society, Ethics and Human Behavior, CHID Sardinia: Island Migrations, Health, and Social Justice

I chose this program because it aligned well with my double major in Community Psychology and Society, Ethics and Human Behavior. Through these two majors I have learned a lot about sociology, psychology and a bit about cultures from around the world – all of which interest me a lot. This program will be focusing on the following topics: social justice, health and migrations. Through this program we will be working on one big class project which is creating a video about Multicultural Societies. We will be working with migrants that have arrived in Sardinia, interviewing locals and other key individuals involved with migrants. We will ask them what they know about the recent mass migration happening in Europe and what their opinion is on the influx of immigrants on their island. Additionally, we will study about how migrants’ health is affected by their immigration situation. The location of the program- Italy, mattered, because many immigrants and refugees that travel to Europe, first must go through Italy in order to get to their desired destination. Some of them don’t make it out of Italy for various reasons and so that would be another thing we would look at – what happens to those immigrants and what their prospect future looks.

Since this will be my second time studying abroad, there still are many things I could learn from this experience. For instance, this time I will be living with room mates, which I have never done. I tend to be a neat and organized person, but I am concerned if my room mates are going to be the messy-type and how will I deal with that. Academically and Professionally, I want to work first hand with migrants and refugees. I hope to learn about their life in their country and why they fled their country and what their hopes are for their future. Since I am not 100% sure of what I want for my profession, I hope that this experience will shine some light on certain topics that interest me and I hope that can help me in narrowing down my academic interests and my intended focus of what I want to do in my profession.

I have never been to Europe but always wanted to visit some day. I can’t wait to make new memories!



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