September 19-HOME

Going to Machu Picchu was amazing. It was beautiful to see the ruins and learn about their advanced culture. We had a guided tour for a few hours that went into detail about why the city was built the way it was and the general history behind their beliefs. We were able to then wader around for a few hours. I and a partner did both of the short, but free, hikes out of the city and back. We viewed the architecture and the sights of the beautiful city. Admired how good they were at making stairs (man there were a lot! Our knees were feeling it by the end of the day!). After spending 7 hours there we then hiked back down to Aguas Calientes because the line for the bus back down was so long.

This brings me to something that was incredibly obvious when we first got there. It was so incredibly touristy. Thousands of people are there daily, and it was kind of a shock after seeing a limited number of people for such a long time. I absolutely enjoyed my time up in Machu Picchu wandering the paths that people took so long ago, but I was very happy that the rest of our trip had not been like that. Anyway, after a lovely sunny day at Machu Picchu we all slept very well and then headed back to Cusco the next day for our adventure to come to a close.

Little did 6 of us know our adventure was not over yet! We were all supposed to fly from Cusco to Lima the night of the 21st and be home on the 22nd. Unfortunately our flight was canceled and we had to stay another night in Cusco. We were working off of little to no sleep but we managed to get our flights rescheduled home for the next day. We managed to make it home only 12 hours late (which was around 2:15 am on the 23rd!). We were all very happy to be home after a couple stressful days. It was a stressful ending, but this was an incredible once in a lifetime experience for me and I am so happy that I went out of my comfort zone to go to Peru and explore the incredible biodiversity that it was to offer.

Farewell Peru!

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